Messecongress Süd
Messeplatz 1
8010 Graz, Austria

Bike rental

Klick here to book your bike at attractive rates.

Public transport

We are pleased to be able to offer all participants free travel on all tram and city bus lines in the city of Graz (zone 101) including the Schloßbergbahn for all three Cycling Summit days. Many thanks go to our sponsor Holding Graz!
Together with an official ID, your badge, which you will receive at the registration desk, is valid as a ticket! Not valid for trains & RegioBusses. Valid from May 27th to 29th 2019 based on the current timetable of the Graz Linien, except Nightline.

Your journey to Graz

You can travel environmentally friendly to the Austrian Cycling Summit 2019 by train. The conference venue, Messecongress Graz at Messeplatz 1, is easily accessible from the main train station (“Graz Hauptbahnhof”) by tram and bicycle.  You can also choose a train connection to the train station “Graz Ostbahnhof”, close to the venue.

Attention: If you take a train from Vienna to Graz, please note that between Wiener Neustadt and Mürzzuschlag unfortunately no bicycle-transport will be possible until Tuesday, 28th of May 2019. If you need a bicycle (for example to join CityRadeln or one of the bicycle excursions), please make sure to book a rental bike soon, as the number of available rental bikes is limited.

If you arrive by bicycle, you will be able to park it safely at one of 200 racks exclusively provided to delegates.

The Cycling Summit venue is accessible from Graz airport by various public transportation.


Take care of the environment when you travel to the cycling summit! Take advantage of public transport, carpooling or compensate the CO2 emissions of your flight by supporting climate-friendly projects from atmosfair, myclimate or Climate Austria.


Several hotels and B&Bs are located within walking distance to the venue. You can reach the Venue Messecongress Graz from many accommodations easily on foot, by bicycle or by tramline.
All pre-reserved accomodations are allready booked out. For last minute bookings, we refer to the online reservation system

In addition, we recommend the following hotels, certified with the Austrian Ecolabal UZ200 or Ökoprofit:

We recommend to book your accommodation early, since there might be high demand due to parallel events in the city of Graz.

Green Meeting

The Austrian Cycling Summit 2019 is certified according to the guidelines of the Austrian Ecolabel UZ62 for Green Meetings.
It is our „green vision“ to organize the Austrian Cycling Summit 2019 according to the principles of environmental compatibility and sustainability. With our activities we want to contribute to a world where people deal responsibly with our ecosystem, and our natural and human resources. We intend to undertake measures that contribute to the protection of our environment and climate. You are invited to support us by contributing actively to the protection of our environment.